The Pastoral Team 

exists to serve ministry team leaders and facilitate the daily life and operations of the Four Environments of Grace: connect, worship, grow, serve. The Pastoral Team meets together every Tuesday for worship and prayer and every Wednesday for learning and planning.


Matt Kessler | Abbott | email

Bryan Patrick | Pastor | email

Michael Brymer | Worship Pastor | email

Brit Carpenter | Missional Resident, Student Ministry | email

Emily Talley | Kid's Pastor | email

Jason Hill | Missional Resident, Connection Ministry | email

Amy Madsen | Abbey Administrator | email

Jen Tallon | Executive Assistant to Matt Kessler | email

Lucy Rogers | Pastor of Care | email

Sandy Greene | Bishop in Residence | email 


The Discipleship Team 

exists to make disciples who make disciples. This occurs primarily through Life Groups. The Discipleship Team is comprised of Life Group leaders, who meet together every month for training, shared learning, and prayer.  

[Rick Archer, Brad Camp, Linda Camp, Brit Carpenter, Cynthia Franklin, CareyLee Griffin, Rosalind Hervey, David Hrncir, Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Amanda Kessler, Matt Kessler, Ruth Moreland, Bryan Patrick, Daniel Player, Mary Ann Randolph, Marcus Rogers, Kathy Williams, Jonathan Williams]


The Apostolic Team exists to encourage evangelism and innovate apostolic works. The Apostolic Team meets every month for prayer and planning.  [Brit Carpenter, Doug Elzinga, Pamela Elzinga, Leon Fillyaw, Dean Hull, Jeff Judson, Matt Kessler, Leslie Kingman (Volunteer Executive Director of Snack Pak 4 Kids San Antonio), Tom Kingman, Bryan Patrick, Mark Randolph] 


The Abbey Council serves among and within the Mission Abbey (Grace), Mission Churches, and Apostolic Works by providing biblical eldership, overseeing properties and finances, facilitating humble collaboration throughout the Gospel ecosystem of the San Antonio region, and being the liaison between Grace and our missional partners and alliances. The Abbey Council consists of recognized Kingdom leaders who demonstrate the qualities and qualifications outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. They meet together regularly for fellowship, study, prayer, shared learning, and oversight.  [Brad Camp, David Hrncir, Matt Kessler, Bryan Patrick, Marcus Rogers, Drew Witt, Tom Kingman]