Pastoral Care

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The Christian life is a team sport. We are part of one body made up of different body parts. We are each gifted in different ways, and Christ calls each of us to give of ourselves in such a way that others in the body might flourish, mature, and look a bit more like Christ. Each of us is in need of help. Each of us is called to be a helper. The most human thing we can do is to cry out for help—to God and to others.
The newly formed pastoral care team at Grace exists to equip you to help others in our body. And the pastoral care team exists to care for you as you encounter life’s hardships and battle the sin that remains in you. Our hope is that we will help you encounter Jesus Christ as the One who comforts us in our suffering and transforms us by His grace.  
Grace has a pastoral care team that is trained and ready to respond to a variety of needs that will arise in our church family. When appropriate, this team will also engage the wider church body to meet these needs. Examples of pastoral care needs include relational struggles, personal or spiritual crises, major life changes/events, health concerns, sin struggles, among others. When it is appropriate and needed, our team intends to partner with other members of Grace and other wise helpers outside of our local body. 
Currently the members of the pastoral care team include Lead Pastor Brit Carpenter, Associate Pastor Robert Balfour, Windsor Naething, and Deacon Lucy Rogers.
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All members of the pastoral care team have received theological and pastoral care training. 
When a need arises in our community, please inform a member of the pastoral care team or fill out the Pastoral Care Request Form. Within three days, a member of the pastoral care team will make initial contact and schedule the appropriate follow up. The pastoral care team takes confidentiality very seriously as a way to love you by protecting you from any unwarranted gossip or slander.