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Leadership Intensive

The Leadership Intensive is a focused developmental journey designed to deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ and widen your impact for His Kingdom.

What Is It All About?

The Leadership Intensive is a relational learning community designed to help you get CLEAR about your CHARACTER, CALLING, and CONTRIBUTION to the Kingdom. We do this by reflecting upon who God is, how God has been at work in our lives all along, and then aligning ourselves to Him and His purposes for us. Together, we engage an experiential discernment process created to draw out and ignite your unique God - shaped story. This includes discovering your purpose, vision, and convictions God has deposited in your life along the way. 

Why Participate?

Oftentimes we fail to see the ways God has uniquely shaped our lives for His purposes. We become fuzzy about our dynamic contribution to His Kingdom. And, as a result, we live low impact lives merely focused on the daily grind - rather than high impact lives fired up and full on for God.


FALL 2019
Fridays, September 13 - December 6
12:15pm - 1:45pm
Grace Northridge Church
upstairs in the Family Room
Lead by Matt Kessler

Space is limited. Register today! 



"Built upon the Word of God, more than 40 years of research, and over 20 years of best practice coaching in the field of leadership development - the Leadership Intensive will catalyze your life, leadership, and legacy."