1. A People in Crisis

April 19, 2020 Speaker: Brit Carpenter Series: Return, Rebuild, Renew

Verse: Ezra 1:1– 6:22

Series Overview

As we reflect on the challenges of this year, we remember that God’s people have encountered many significant crises throughout history. One such time is the period of Israel's exile in Babylon.

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of two influential leaders of Israel. Through great faith and deep prayer, they lead Israel to return to the Promised Land, rebuild the Temple, and most significantly, renew their identity as God’s people.

It is the story of a nation in crisis, whose citizens unite to overcome the common and unseen enemy of fear. Through deep trust, heartfelt commitment, and genuine worship, God’s people experience a great revival.

It is a story that ultimately finds its fulfillment in the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ, who brings us out of displacement into belonging, out of isolation into connection, and out of separation into togetherness.

This story of Ezra and Nehemiah demonstrates the amazing things that happen when we turn to God for help, trust and obey Him, and work together for the good in all things.