Serve Teams

:: God gives every follower of Christ at least one gift to be used in love to build up and edify the church. Our goal is to equip and encourage you to find fulfillment in the area of ministry where God has uniquely created you to serve. We encourage and equip everyone in the Grace family to serve in love through gift-based, team-based ministry. This is an integral part of our culture and a great way to meet and grow in relationship with others.

:: There are five aspects of your God-given design: Origin – which shows you WHY you’re best suited to serve; Competency - which shows you WHERE you’re best suited to serve; Gifting - which shows you WHAT you’re best suited to do; Passion – which shows you WHO you’re best suited to serve; Style - which shows you HOW you’re best suited to serve.

:: One of the best ways to get connected and make a few new friends at Grace is to join a Serve Team.