What to Expect?

What should I wear?

:: God looks at the heart, so it really doesn't matter what you wear. Most of us are totally casual, although you might also see some a little more dressed up.

Where do I park?

:: There are two parking lots - one on the south side of the campus facing Eisenhauer - the other around back, off Chevy Chase and between the church building and Northridge Park.  There is guest parking in the back parking lot. 

Will anyone be there to greet me?

:: Yes! You'll be warmly greeted by our welcome team. Everyone is encouraged to make and wear a nametag, which helps us get to know each other.

What if I have children?

:: Infant and toddler nursery is available starting 15min before the worship gathering and ending at the conclusion of the worship gathering. Children ages K-5th grade join us for worship for about 30 minutes. They leave with an adult team for Kids Worship during the sermon time. Children rejoin their family in the worship gathering for Communion.

How will I know when to do what?

:: Most of what you need to know will be on video monitors at the front of our sanctuary. Everything else you might need to know will be said by someone who has a microphone. 

What is the music and teaching like?

:: Our music is a blend of contemporary worship songs and traditional hymns.

:: Our weekly message is taught from the Bible and centered on the Gospel (Good News) of Jesus Christ.

Do you have Communion? What should I do?

:: Every follower of Jesus Christ is welcome to receive Holy Communion with Grace. Ushers will let you know when to come forward. Please cradle your hands to receive the Bread and then dip the bread in the Cup so you receive both together. If you prefer not to receive Holy Communion, please feel free to come forward with your arms crossed over your chest to signify your desire a prayer of of blessing instead. Children may receive Holy Communion at their parents' spiritual discretion.

:: Trained prayer teams are available to pray for you during Communion in the back of the sanctuary. Possible prayer requests are salvation, guidance, strength, provision, comfort, healing, a spiritual gift, or peace.

What time will the worship gathering conclude?

:: Each Grace worship gathering lasts between 80-90 minutes.